Tyler Sprunk

How to Kill it with Content Marketing in 2018

Consumer habits have changed. Buyers are more savvy about their purchases, doing the majority of their research before they even talk to a sales representative. How do you connect with buyers if they’re going through a lot of the buying process without you? Through content!

This presentation will give you all the tools you need to implement content marketing in your business or take your existing content marketing to the next level. We’ll cover the basics and then dive into tips, tricks, and real live examples you can use to start killing it with content marketing as soon as you get back to the office!


Take Away

  • Learn about the types of content you should be creating
  • Learn the basics of crafting a content strategy and execution plan
  • Learn how to avoid common pitfalls of content marketing


About Tyler

Tyler Sprunk, is part of the team at Simple Strat, a Hubspot Certified Agency Partner in Lincoln, Nebraska. As certified inbound marketers, their team has leveraged content, video, and digital mediums to successfully grow their web traffic and leads by more than 200% in the last year.

Tyler Sprunk, is the CMO at Simple Strat, the marketing agency for companies serious about growth. In his role there, Tyler helps companies develop powerful marketing strategies and leverage technology, creativity, and data to drive growth. Tyler also serves on the board of the Lincoln chapter of the American Marketing Association and cofounded DigiDoggo.com, a company that provides affordable websites to small businesses. He’s a nerd for all things marketing and loves teaching, learning, and connecting with other marketers and entrepreneurs.

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