Travis Hollman

A Beginner’s Guide to Strategic Marketing

If you think that “marketing” is promoting your business on the Web, you are wrong. Really wrong. And it pays to know this. Come learn what marketing really is and why it matters. For beginners.


Take Away

  • Marketing—and the marketing concept—is figuring out what people want and then getting it to them (for a profit).
  • Product, Price, Place (distribution), and Promotion are what you should have on your mind at all times.
  • Develop a marketing plan before you jump into executing your Promotions and other marketing-related.
  • Price and differentiation are the only 2 ways to get people to buy more of your product and less of your competitors’.

About Travis

Travis co-founded Hollman Media 17 years ago. While building up the business, he also worked in marketing for a regional home-improvement brand. He has extensive web and applications development experience (including the development of 4 systems still in use nationally), design experience, marketing, management, and business experience. He has a bachelor’s degree in Advertising as well as a Master of Business Administration degree from the University of Nebraska. In addition to leading the Hollman Media team, Travis also teaches or has taught Principles of Marketing, Advertising Copywriting, Advertising Principles and Practices, Advertising Campaigns, Advertising Management, and Society & Technology for the University of Nebraska at Kearney. Outside of his day job with the business, he has also consulted with communities on downtown revitalization projects, has been published in academic journals, and has working research in progress in the areas of “place branding” and “community fit” focusing on Nebraska communities.

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