Amanda Bond

The 3-Step Process for Turning Digital Attention into Revenue (on Autopilot!) using Facebook Ads

Ya’ know that feeling…? The one where you spend countless hours perfecting a campaign inside Ads Manager that you know will change the game for your business.

Only it doesn’t. You struggle to get it approved.

Then, once it’s FINALLY active—crickets! And none of the 80-gajillion copy variations (that you spent a fortune on are working). *Cue ugly tears*

It’s not your fault your ads are failing.

Why continue to do what’s NOT working for 95% of marketers? When you could implement a SIMPLE FRAMEWORK (attracting customers to you like a magnet) of amplifying your sales message and turning your digital attention into revenue (on autopilot!).

Take Away

  • The three most common ad scaling bottlenecks (and how to fix them)
  • How to turn your digital attention into revenue on autopilot
  • How to use ads like email autoresponders (to stop ad fatigue once and for all)

About Amanda

Keynote, Amanda Bond is owner of The Ad Strategist and the creator of The StrADedy System. Entrepreneur Magazine calls her a “Facebook advertising genius” due to her unique mix of creativity and her vast analytical experience—from analyzing hundreds of millions of client ad impressions. A fiery personality, Bond mixes education and entertainment in a straight shooting way to show people the right way to do Facebook advertising.