Michaela Kenkel

Satisfy An Appetite For Your Brand, How to win customers and influence brand appeal in the age of social media.

Take Away

  • The difference between being “influenced” and being “convinced”
  • How to measure “likes”, “shares” and other online stats to evaluate the performance
  • Why a brand ambassador is so much more effective than any type of advertiser promotional resource

About Michaela

Michaela Martin Kenkel draws on a decade of experience as a successful online entrepreneur. Today she would be labeled a “social media influencer” but her practical experience and real world success have translated into a huge online following across multiple social media channels. With hundreds of thousands of online followers and millions of hits per month to her portfolio of content, Michaela harnesses the power of connecting with her audience. She serves those followers with trust, sincerity, love, and kindness and they respond in kind, with of course “likes” and “shares” and bookmarks. Therein lies the magic and attraction of working with authentic and influential online personalities! Because word of mouth is powerful when it comes from the heart.