Kimberly Beer

Video Power Marketing

Learn how easy it is to incorporate video into your marketing program — and WHY it is a becoming a must for all types of businesses! You’ll learn about equipment, types of marketing videos, and how to successfully the four stages of producing a marketing video.

Take Away

  • What you need to do to use video in your marketing
  • The Four Stages of producing a marketing video
  • What to do with your videos once they are produced

About Kimberly

Kimberly Beer is a national speaker and advocate for entrepreneurship and small business marketing. Her mission is to inspire and educate entrepreneurs on creative solutions that improve their businesses and their lives. Kim’s seminars on entrepreneurial strategy and marketing are honest, enlightening. They are packed with great action steps and technical instruction garnered from over 25 years of experience. Kim is also an award winning writer, graphic designer and photographer and was named an Inspirational Influencer by the International Association of Women in 2018 for her work empowering female entrepreneurs.