Ali Schwanke

Use Video to Supercharge Your Sales

The future of the internet points to video content – from professional content to live social media. While companies often have the standard “brand” or “company” video, they lag in adopting video as part of their everyday sales and marketing efforts because they either don’t know where to get started, or they lack the structure, plan, and tools to make it a regular habit. This presentation will provide foundational building blocks and tangible advice to help you incorporate video into your marketing efforts to generate more traffic, leads, and ultimately more sales.


Take Away

  • Learn why video is such a powerful catalyst for building trust and authenticity for your brand and sales professionals
  • Discover the different types of videos you should be creating for the specific stages of your sales and marketing funnel
  • Outline the resources you’ll need and when to hire an expert or do your own video in-house


About Ali

Ali Schwanke, is part of the team at Simple Strat, a HubSpot Certified Agency Partner in Lincoln, Nebraska. As certified inbound marketers, their team has leveraged content, video, and digital mediums to successfully grow their web traffic and leads by more than 200% in the last year.

Ali Schwanke, is the CEO of Simple Strat and has a proven track record leading clients to marketing success. She is a member of the National Practitioner’s Council for the American Marketing Association plus an active content creator and contributor on a variety of mediums. She also co-produces a weekly podcast called “Bar Napkin Business” where she and her co-host interview local business owners and entrepreneurs about the down and dirty details of running and growing a small business. Luke’s been a successful part of marketing long enough to know what works and what doesn’t—and he’s used his acumen to develop Facebook plans that have been successful for many businesses in a variety of industries. Tom and his creative team are fresh experts in content selection, posting strategy and savvy targeting that attracts attention, drives business and grow’s a company’s customer base using this dynamic digital marketing force.

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