MarkeTech 2023 is on your agenda, but it may not be on the forefront of your boss’s. Convincing your boss may be easier than you think! We’ve compiled tools and resources to make the sale and convince them to allow you to attend. 

Talk about business goals for 2023. See what the business goals are for the upcoming year. Maybe your boss wants to sell X amount or attend X events. Simply follow up their goals with the simple question of, “Are you willing to invest in training for me to reach those?” 

Ask about making an investment. This is an easy conversation to start by simply asking, “Would you be willing to make less than an $11 per month investment in me?” That’s really all you are asking for the price of admission to MarkeTech 2023!

Have a conversation. Your boss can be intimidating, but oftentimes employees don’t take advantage of asking for money to gain valuable training that affects the business’ bottom line. Try some of these questions: 

  • “I feel like in order to reach our goals this year, I need to understand what is working, stay up with current trends, and identify new strategies.”
  • “I am hoping to work on some professional development that could help our business through training on ______(fill in the blank on what you personally want to learn that would resonate with your boss).”
  • “I would really like to make sure we have a grasp on our marketing spend this year. I would like to learn X to ensure we are reaching our goal with the most effective spend in mind.” 

Follow that question up with, “I found out about MarkeTech 2023 and it’s the most reasonably priced conference I have found with little to no-travel located in central Nebraska.” 

Have a conversation with your boss TODAY! Space for MarkeTech 2023 is LIMITED and quickly filling up! Already convinced the boss? Register NOW!