While I genuinely love to speak at various social media conferences, I also love to geek out as an attendee. I love to learn from others and garner as much knowledge as possible on topics I’m not super familiar with. Plus, I take copious notes on everything so that I can recap it all in a blog post for you!

So, with that being said, this is my event recap of the MarkeTech 2018 conference in Kearney (pronounced Car-ney), Nebraska.

Now, there aren’t necessarily a lot of things that will get me to pack up from beautiful San Diego and head to Nebraska in March, but this conference was soooo worth it! Although, I was disappointed not to get any fresh corn – which, I know, they’re just coming out of winter. But still!

I was invited to keynote this conference, which was definitely a very validating reason for me to attend. I said yes without much hesitation. Not to mention, travelling has been a big goal of mine lately, and I’ve never been to the area, so why they heck wouldn’t I go if I was given the opportunity.

And, despite the opportunity to speak, I’m so glad I went! I attended a couple of the break out sessions and I really enjoyed them! I heard nothing but great things regarding the other sessions as well. And everyone behind the conference was amazing. The ladies from Grow Nebraska, who coordinate this whole event every year, were rockstars and went above and beyond to ensure every one there had a great time.

We did run into a couple very minor technical glitches for the opening of my closing keynote, so that didn’t go as smoothly as I hoped. And I was streaming it live on Instagram, which then didn’t let me share it or save it, so that was lost, which was a complete bummer. But other than those two little issues, the whole event – and the rest of my trip visiting Kearney – was a wonderful experience.

I will admit my big-city-girl was thrown a little in the small town of Kearney. Believe it or not, I was actually raised in a very small town, and my parents have lived in small towns for the last 15+ years. So the small town thing shouldn’t be so shocking to me, but I was still totally out of my element. I won’t lie, I wasn’t sure Nebraska was ready for all this sparkle that is Jenn Herman 😉 But they took it well!

The morning of the conference, I grabbed a quick breakfast in the hotel lobby. Which, by the way, funny story… (Click here for full blog by Jenn Herman)